​​Lomi Lomi massage

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The Hawaiian theory behind massage is that body and soul are perceived as one unit. That is, our bodies remember what we have experienced and therefore unpleasant experiences, negative attitudes, limitations, etc. can settle in the body as tensions and myoses.

​Lomi Lomi inspirerende massage arbejder efter principper som omsorgsfuld berøring, velvære og nydelse, frem for at det skal gøre ondt. Der bliver masseret med armene i deres fulde længde, sjældent kun med hænderne, hvilket muliggør størst mulig berøringsflade. De omvekslende blide/lette og strygende bevægelser kombineres med mere dybe/intensive teknikker og der arbejdes over hele kroppen, dog med rygsøjlen som et centralt udgangspunkt.

Regardless of the reason for your inquiry - whether it is muscle infiltrations, tension headaches, stress, fatigue and fluctuating mood - or just a desire to be good to yourself - Lomi Lomi massage is an emotional experience.

Many describe it as getting into a kind of dream state, where you are subsequently filled with joy, harmony and peace of mind.


60 min. / pers.


75 min. / pers.


You can always sweeten your experience with us with extra massage or a nice meal.

We are happy to tailor your treatment so that it becomes very special. Write to us and tell us about your wishes and about budget and we will go into creative thinking box.

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Cancellation Policy & Payment

Cancellations are reported to Mijo Lodge per. telephone or booking system no later than 24 hours in advance, for the sake of the clinic's planning.

In case of no-show, the full amount of the treatment price will be invoiced. If you have a cut card, you lose a cut and with a gift card this is canceled.

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